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The Time Trust's Scribblings
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So far there's not much here, but please check out the links below. The frames version of this page can be helpful for navigating between the pages, as all relevant links in this section can be found there on the left side, but the frames can be turned off at any time by clicking on the link provided above.

Doctor Quantum's Fan Fiction

I always wanted to have a page which linked to all the fan fiction and RPG stories I've either written completely myself or with others, and here it is. Even though many of these I've written months or years ago, I am always glad to receive a short note of appreciation via e-mail from someone who liked my story or even a criticism. Hey, when it comes to fan fiction, the only payment (other than the love of writing itself) is the feedback. Indulge me. Please? Pretty please??? I'm begging you!!! ...err, uhhhhh... Sorry about that. I'm so lonely... (Kidding.)

The Time Trust Weblog Archives

This is where one can find all the older entries from my weblog. I'll be archiving them every two weeks or so from now on, though all the entries from each month will be contained on its own page (just easier to keep track of it that way). (Updated at least once a month!)

The Time Trust E-Mail List

Want a place to discuss the various subjects The Time Trust links to? (Comics, Sci-Fi, History, Mystery, Arts, Fiction, Time Travel, Paranormal, Conspiracies...) This e-list is the best place to do it. And it's also the best place to keep informed of updates to this site. Join up, please. I'd love to have an interesting discussion with you.

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